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Friday, August 4th:
Game # Time Diamond Teams
Game001 5:00pm Weyerhauser Shitz n Giggles vs. Sans Ass Whipe
Game002 5:00pm Kwik Crests Smokin Toes vs. Lyndel
Game003 5:00pm CUPE Cats and Roosters vs. Nickels and Pickels
Game004 5:00pm Weyerhauser Drink Drank Drunk vs. Triple X
Game005 5:00pm Roe Injured List vs. Turncoats
Game006 5:00pm Galloway Peanuts and Crackerjacks vs. Donkey Punchers
Game007 6:30pm Johnson & Herbert Temporarily Unavailable
Game008 6:30pm Timberjack Ligers vs. Ball Gravy
Game009 6:30pm Roe Tiger vs. Dickens Cider
Game010 8:00pm Roe Titans vs. Beer Bandits
Game011 8:00pm Johnson & Herbert The Other Team vs. Double Nicety
Game012 8:00pm Galloway Buda Bing vs. Freebasers
Game013 8:00pm Timberjack Bowen Islanders vs. Chronic Master Batters
Game014 8:00pm CUPE Bashaw Trojans vs. Team B
Game015 8:00pm Kwik Crest Guns vs. Doggy Style

Saturday, August 5th
Game # Time Diamond Teams
Game016 9:45am   Off Constantly vs. Hung and Stacked
Game017 11:15am Galloway Young Guns vs. Bastards of Disaster
Game018 11:15am Johnson & Herbert Bats with Girth vs. Peanuts and Cracker Jack
Game019 11:15am Weyerhaeuser Balls Deep vs. Money Shot
Game020 11:15am Century Edge vs. Twisted
Game021 12:45pm Weyerhaeuser Swamp Donkeys vs. Paralyzers
Game022 12:45pm Weyerhaeuser Eh vs. 24
Game023 12:45pm CUPE Dilligaf vs. Ruckus
Game024 1:30pm Dairy Queen Ligers vs. Ball Gravy
Game025 12:45pm Kwik Crests Steve's Trucking vs. ---
Game026 12:45pm Hanlon Robb Taboo vs. Pound
Game027 11:15am Luscar Advance Crushers vs. St Albert Sluggers
Game028 12:45pm Johnson & Herbert Swoosh vs. Slave Lake Booze Bags
Game029 2:15pm Shell Evergreen OBI vs. Broke Back Ball Huggers
Game030 2:15pm CUPE Big Balls and Sloppy Mitts vs. Schooled
Game031 2:15pm Kwik Crests Stubby Geriatrics vs. Bruisers
Game032 3:45pm Kwik Crests KSM Construction vs. Clan
Game033 3:45pm Coke Sexpos vs. Rug Rats
Game034 3:45pm Galloway MIB vs. Soggy Tea Bags
Game035 2:15pm CUPE Big Balls and Sloppy Mitts vs. Schooled
Game036 5:15pm Dairy Queen The Bats vs. Whip em Spank er
Game037 5:15pm Kwik Crests Steve's Trucking vs. CSA
Game038 2:15pm CUPE Big Balls and Sloppy Mitts vs. Schooled
Game039 6:45pm Timberjack Max Steel vs. Tritech Trojans
Game040 6:45pm Johnson & Herbert Wounded Ducks vs. MTs
Game041 8:15pm Galloways Matrix vs. Ninjas
Game042 8:15pm Johnson & Herbert Spoolers vs. More Cow Bell
Game043 8:15pm ROE Drive vs. Demolition

Sunday, August 6th
Game # Time Diamond Teams
Game044 9:30am Weyerhaeuser #1 Taboo vs. Chicken Fried Rice
Game045 9:30am Dairy Queen Double Nickel vs. Water Bouyz
Game046 11:00am Johnson & Herbert Sexpos vs. Wannabee Crushers
Game047 9:30am Roe Construction Scared Hitless vs. We're Not That Good
Game048 11:00am Rons Outdoor Crushers vs. Latino Heat
Game049 11:00am Hanlan Robb Aspen vs. Cork Soakers
Game050 12:30pm Roe Construction Army vs. The Experience
Game051 12:30pm Galloway URNVS vs. Beer Hunters
Game052 12:30pm Luscar No Surrender vs. The Runs
Game053 12:30pm Weyerhaeuser #2 Smokin Bats vs. AA Bound
Game054 12:30pm Dairy Queen Sullys Sex Shack vs. Broke Bat Mountain
Game055 2:00pm Solty's Insurance Max Steel vs. Chicken Hawks
Game056 2:00pm Luscar Nickels and Pickles vs. Money Shots
Game058 3:30pm Weyerhaeuser #1 Paralyzers vs. Nexus
Game059 3:30pm Weyerhaeuser #2 WCT vs. Shawn and the Menomenas
Game061 5:00pm Weyerhaeuser #1 Ringers vs. Advance Crushers
Game062 5:00pm Burlington Shitters Full vs. Old School
Game063 6:30pm Welco We're Not Good Enough vs. Kink
Game065 6:30pm Prairie Oilfield Bandits vs. Dynamo and the Playmakers
Game066 8:00pm Shell Evergreen Totos vs. Smoke Signalz
Game067 8:00pm Dairy Queen Hookerz and Lookerz vs. Wanna B Crushers

Monday, August 7th
Game # Time Diamond Teams
Game068 8:00am Welco Off Constantly vs. Annugas
Game069 8:00am Coke Funk n Drunk vs. Mass Control
Game070 9:30am Galloway WCT vs. Mingo Ramrods
Game071 9:30am Johnson & Herbert Sans Ass Whipe vs. Spooners
Game072 11:00am Weyerhaeuser #2 Nickels and Pickles vs. Daquari
Game073 11:00am IGA MTs vs. Chuckers
Game074 11:00am Solty's Insurance KINK vs. Lollygaggers
Game075 12:30pm Roe Construction Rough Riders vs. Titans
Game076 12:30pm Johnson & Herbert Mayhem vs. Every Team Needs a Hore
Game077 12:30pm Century Allstars vs. Norcal
Game078 2:00pm Johnson & Herbert Spanktacular vs. Kronk
Game079 2:00pm Dairy Queen Rockheads vs. Dickens Cider
Game080 2:00pm Weyerhaeuser #1 Sick and Twisted vs. Highballs
Game081 3:30pm Timberjack Spitz vs. Brewjays
Game082 3:30pm Galloway Funsters vs. Cowboys
Game083 3:30pm Roe Construction Dynamo and the Playmakers vs. Zakks Team
Game084 5:00pm Century Edge vs. Unforgiven
Game085 5:00pm CUPE Bunch of Ball Players vs. Tuu Tymes
Game086 5:00pm Weyerhaeuser #1 Sick and Twisted vs. Every Team Needs a Hore
Game087 5:00pm Kwik Crests 40 Year Old Virgins vs.

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